Saturday, December 1, 2012

Oh my goodness...

Yeah, yeah, I have not posted in forever. I have had good intentions, but life whisks me back to the reality of my world's routine. And I had a baby in July, so there you go- my official excuses!
I never officially mentioned that Eloisa was diagnosed with Infantile spasms back in December 2011. She kicked its ass with the help of some real hard-to-the-core medicine called Acthar. Twice daily injections for six weeks. She eventually stopped crying when she got her shots and it was just heartbreaking. But she bounced back quickly and ferociously. But wow, looking back at that little (ha) swollen face is incredible. The swelling was a side effect we knew she'd have, but in the throes of things, we didn't see it. I sure do now and I am so glad it is in the past.
Eloisa Jolene, full bloom, is an absolute pleasure, a wonderfully cliche joy to have around, and I am so proud she is mine.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Getting crazy with the exersaucer

A dear friend lent us an exersaucer and Eloisa has put it to good use. At the rate she is going, we may have to buy a new one to return because Eloisa goes so batty over it these days, she may bust a spring. Love that girl!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

She'll be coming 'round the mountain

She's riding six white horses, wearing pink pajamas, and we're shouting hallelujah. Yes, Miss Weezy has come back to us and we absolutely couldn't be happier or more proud of what a brave little love she is. She has been chattering all day long for the past week and I got this yesterday. For the record, I HATE that my voice is on this video. I don't really sound like that!...Do I?!?!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Recital

Rory's Christmas recital was last night and it was a night to remember. I know I am biased being that he is my son and all, but he is the best dancer in the bunch!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

New loves

We finally got Rory signed up for tae kwon do and he is just loving it.  And we love it, too.  Yeah, yeah, of course we want him to have fun and learn some moves, but these teachers instill discipline, and that is the real kicker.  Rory is a great little guy, but he is four and that means being pretty darn rascally from time to time. To see him standing in line perfectly still and calm and to be told how important it is to respect and listen to his parents is quite the winning combo of money well spent.

And Miss Eloisa loves, loves, loves swings.  We've bundled up and walked to the park a couple of times this week and she is just fascinated.  Or maybe it is that she is fascinating to watch.  The pictures will explain what I mean.  The rain is going to kick back in soon and it will probably put a stop to our swinging for a bit.  But actually, crazy mom that I am, we'll probably be there with a towel and an umbrella hovering over her so she can have some more fun.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanks a lot

So today is Thanksgiving and it has been a great day. Stormy, blustery, rainy...all the perfect excuses for staying indoors. We opted not to go to the Bay Area for the holiday because of the cost and of knowing that my family will be up for Christmas next month.  We were invited to a couple of friends' houses as well, but I really wanted to have my own little dinner with my own dear little family.When Jaime and I were deciding what to cook, we quickly agreed that it would NOT be turkey since neither of us like it.  We slow cooked a pork roast and served it with all the traditional sides.  Weezy ate some squash and a baby mum mum and all was lovely. We gave our thanks, discussed our weekend plans, and had some laughs.

Rory provided the biggest ones albeit unintentionally.When it came time to clear the table, Rory still hadn't eaten his carrot.Yes, carroT. Not two, not three, one.  After some screaming and crying, he insisted on taking his carrot to the bathroom while he peed since he was "just so hungry for it".  Of course, when he returned his hands were empty and he told us he ate it. He eventually confessed to sticking it under our bed.We gave him a new carrot and watching that boy was like watching myself as a child. I don't care much for vegetables now, and when I was a kid, they were sheer, absolute agony. I quickly became an expert on how and where to discard them. I knew all the tricks and I still do.  He did some impressive work:  tucked it under the rest of his food, coughed it into a napkin, spit it under the table, put it up his sleeve, sneaked it onto Jaime's plate, and insisted on throwing out a wrapper he found on the floor and spit it directly in the garbage can.  Needless to say, Rory did not get a slice of pie for dessert but of course we gave him bites of ours.

Wow, so now the holidays are here.  Crazy that another year is coming to an end.  Every year the season goes so fast and with the amount of stuff we are going to cram into our lives over the next month, I know this season will fly by, too.   But we can talk about that later.  For now, happy thanksgiving and here's to being thankful for how good you've got it.

Amused, no.  Intrigued, yes.

Let's eat!  Or, let's hope she let's me eat!

Carrying on my Grandma's tradition. No, not the A-1 sauce.

  Eloisa's equivalent to apple pie.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

El vacationo

We spent a month in Spain and it was a heck of a good time.  I am lucky enough to have been thrown to the wolves of Madrid on seven occasions in the past eight years since Jaime is a Spaniard. My heart just soars when the plane pulls in and I excitedly brace myself for the Spanish vortex I get sucked into after customs and baggage claim. I am always mesmerized when so far from home, and  I revel in watching the people, seeing the high rise apartment buildings, observing  the hustle and bustle of the streets, and diving in.

But you have to get there first. Try a night flight to Seattle, red-eye to Boston, eleven hour layover with all of your luggage,and finally, six hours to Madrid.  The kids were seriously great for all of it, so it wasn't so bad. Just really,really long and exhausting, but worth it for the nice escape it was.  Real life is great and all, but there are times when you just need to get the heck out of town and your nearest Safeway. The weather was nice and warm, we caught up with lots of friends and family, and everyone fell in love with Eloisa (as was expected) and affirmed their love for amazingly bilingual Rory.  Nothing humbles you like having your four year old translate something for you.  But hey, I’ve got two kids and he has a fresh little brain, so how can I really compete with that?  
My camera died five days into the trip and the ONE thing I forgot to pack was the charger. I might post some more stored on another computer, but here are a few pictures I got with my camera.
The Egyptian Temple in downtown

A euro well spent. We were all impressed!

Out on our morning stroll

Not impressed with my funny face

Enjoying her favorite necklace

Still smiling after losing $75 in a half hour at bingo

Little Rory at 6 months in Madrid.