Saturday, December 1, 2012

Oh my goodness...

Yeah, yeah, I have not posted in forever. I have had good intentions, but life whisks me back to the reality of my world's routine. And I had a baby in July, so there you go- my official excuses!
I never officially mentioned that Eloisa was diagnosed with Infantile spasms back in December 2011. She kicked its ass with the help of some real hard-to-the-core medicine called Acthar. Twice daily injections for six weeks. She eventually stopped crying when she got her shots and it was just heartbreaking. But she bounced back quickly and ferociously. But wow, looking back at that little (ha) swollen face is incredible. The swelling was a side effect we knew she'd have, but in the throes of things, we didn't see it. I sure do now and I am so glad it is in the past.
Eloisa Jolene, full bloom, is an absolute pleasure, a wonderfully cliche joy to have around, and I am so proud she is mine.

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